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10 Untold Facts About Frank Lampard

We know all about our favorite athletes … or not? In this section of my blog we explored 10 curiosities that we probably did not know about our favorite sports stars. In this edition we will know more about the most important player in the history of Chelsea, a crack with all the letters, Sir Frank Lampard. Facts About Frank Lampard

1)A football family.

Harry Reknnap and Frank Lampard Sr.

The great abilities of Lampard to play football were more than evident just by seeing it, and perhaps it is due in large part to the fact that football is in his veins. His father, Frank Lampard Sr., was also a professional footballer and technical assistant at West Ham United. In addition, his uncle is Harry Resknapp, who was also a professional player, although his most outstanding facet is that of coach where he has managed to lead great clubs in the Premier League in addition to the England National Team.

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2)Not everyone believed in him.

On a certain occasion, Lampard told what happened to him once at school. Apparently one of his teachers told him that if he dedicated himself to football he would fail in life. Thanks to the gods of football, little Frankie was not discouraged by those words, because otherwise football would have been lost to one of the best players of the century. And what happened to the teacher? Well, when Lampard debuted with Chelsea, he sent him a ticket to the game. Crack. Facts About Frank Lampard

3)A difficult start.

Frank Lampard at West Ham United

Not everything was always the color of roses for Lampard in football. After debuting at West Ham in 1996, Lampard was harshly criticized by the hammers fans as his dad was the technical assistant. They said that he had reached the first team thanks to the influences of his father and not because of his talent. This made that every time Frank made a mistake, the tier would vehemently recriminate him. Coupled with all this, Lampard suffered from overbreathing problems. Among the fans of West Ham was known as “Fat Frank”. I think more than one will have regretted that.

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4)Student of “La brujita”.

After his arrival at Chelsea, Lampard began to improve his level very much. He admits that Juan Sebastian Verón was his great teacher in his first days at Stamford Bridge. “Thanks to him I was able to improve my passes. One of the great reasons for my higher level was having played with great international players”, said Lampard.

5)The Gambler.

The Englishman feels a great passion for betting on horse races. It was common to see him at the racecourses with John Terry, Arjen Robben and Maniche betting on the races. It is said that once the 4 friends got to lose 720,000 euros in a single day at the racecourse.

6)The most intelligent footballer in the world.

José Mourinho used to say that there was no smarter footballer on a pitch than Frank Lampard, and apparently he was not wrong. And is that English can boast of having an IQ of 160 points, which positions it at the intellectual height of great geniuses such as Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition to belonging to the exclusive 2% of the world population that exceeds 110 points in this test.

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7)The records man.

The long and constant career of Lampard has allowed him to accumulate countless records. For example, he is the player with the most consecutive games played in the history of the Premier League, not missing any of the 164 games played between 2001 and 2005. He was also recognized by the Guinness book for being the player who has scored the most teams in the Premier League, with 39. It is ironic that this record was achieved after scoring the team of his loves, Chelsea, wearing the colors of Manchester City during his brief stay with the club citizen. Football stuff.

8) Goals and more goals.

Despite not being a striker, Frank Lampard accumulated an enviable amount of goals during his career for any attacker. In fact he became the leading scorer in the history of Chelsea, having scored 211 goals.

9)”Once upon time…”

In 2013, he decided that he would be a children’s writer and released the Frankie’s Magic Football book, aimed at children over 5 years of age. This book has him (as it could not be different) as a protagonist and tells some adventures he had together his friends and fellow footballers. In total there have been 10 children’s books that Lampard has written since then.

10)The student exceeds the teacher.


After his retirement, Lampard decided to continue his life as a coach. This year he received the opportunity to debut in this profession at the helm of Derby County in the Championship and we must admit that this training is very good. Not only has he put the Derby in promotion positions, but he eliminated Manchester United from José Mourinho of the FA Cup at Old Trafford. In addition, he was on the verge of eliminating (deserving it for playing better, by the way) to the Chelsea of his loves at Stamford Bridge in the same competition. It seems that a bright future as a coach awaits him, but we could not expect less from someone as smart as Lampard.



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