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Full List Of All Popular International  Footballers With

Rape Cases- No 5 Is Chelsea Award Winning Player

1.Ched Evans

The former Sheffield United striker was charged for raping a 19 year old drunk girl. After being sentenced for five years in prison, Evans was released in 2014 and signed for League One side Chesterfield. Later on he was not found guilty of the rape charge and saw his reputation. Full List Of All Popular International  Footballers With Rape Cases

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2.Marlon King 

He has always made headlines for all the wrong reasons with main offences including stealing a car, sexual assault and credit card fraud. Marlon was also sentenced to prison for dangerous driving. King is the most notorious player in football world and his career at 36 seems over for the good of all.

3.Adam Johnson 

Former Manchester City and Sunderland midfielder will spend the next five years in jail after being found guilty for engaging in sexual activity with a 15 year old girl in March, 2016. The Englishman was sacked from Sunderland and stripped off his sponsorship deal with Adidas. Although he is prison, Adam Johnson is still earning a reported £5,000 per week, thanks to his investments in properties.

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4.Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery -Zahia Dehar

The French duo will miss the 2018 world cup. However, back in 2014, both Ribery, 35, and Benzema, 30, denied the assault: knowingly paying for sex with Zahia Dehar when she was under 18.

Now 24, Zahia Dehar has become one of the most famous names in France since the players were first arrested, building up a career as a reality TV star, and the muse of designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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5.David De Gea

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea was the only player not to applaud Spain’s new prime minister Pedro Sanchez after he delivered a speech to the national team ahead of the World Cup.,ZThe tension between De Gea and Sanchez can be traced back to 2016 when the Manchester United goalkeeper was wrongly implicated in a sexual assault investigation in Spain.

6.Diego Maradona -Ekaterina Nadolska

This not-unfamiliar state for the troubled legend. He has been involved in so many crimes along the way, includes one or two more rape cases. However, the Russian journalist’s case is the most recent.

The second of July 2017, in Saint-Petersburg hosted the final of the Confederations Cup, which was attended by Diego Maradona. The former football player stopped in one of the most stylish hotels of the cultural capital, which came to the journalist Ekaterina Nadolska.

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The girl planned to take the idol of millions of interviews and even had their picture taken with Argentinian, uploading a picture to social networks. However, the next morning Catherine stated that Maradona had coveted to her, and she barely managed to escape from his grasp.

The girl claims that the star of Argentine football pulled off her dress and behaved extremely indecent. When the victim resisted, she was kicked out of the luxury apartment.

6.Cristiano Ronaldo

Back in 2010, a young woman claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo raped her. Following the publication of a report on the allegations, the Real Madrid player’s agency dismissed the story as “journalistic fiction.”

However, DER SPIEGEL had evidence indicating that Ronaldo was privy to negotiations with the American. On Jan. 12, 2010, his lawyers and a mediator sat together with the young American woman. They were seeking an out-of-court settlement. Full List Of All Popular International  Footballers With Rape Cases



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