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Timo Wener Might Not Perform Well In Chelsea,See

Reasons Below

There may seem to be no cons in Werner joining Chelsea, but look deeper and you’ll find some flaws. Werner’s talents cannot be faulted, but he is not the priority position for the Blues. Chelsea already have a promising goalscorer in Abraham, who is showing huge potential for the future after 15 goals in his full debut season so far. He has developed so much this season, but what would it be good for if he was exiled to the bench for the new campaign? Timo Wener Might Not Perform Well In Chelsea See Reasons Below

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It would be a shame to see Abraham forced into a rotation role, earning less gametime and less opportunities to prove his worth at Stamford Bridge. His breakthrough has been a result of Chelsea’s youth revolution, a beautiful sight for all Blues fans. But if he is going to be replaced as the first-choice striker just a year later, what was the point?

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What was the point of promoting and playing youth players – something Chelsea fans have yearned for since the turn of the century – only to go buy a foreign export to replace them after an excellent season?

Some have argued for a two-striker system, yet forget that Chelsea haven’t started two strikers all season. You have to go back to May 2018 to find the last time the Blues used a forward duo, a season in which they finished fifth in the league. Sure, Drogba formed a formidable partnership with Nicholas Anelka – almost a decade ago. It’s not part of Lampard’s managerial philosophy, or the style of play of this decade’s Chelsea.

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€60m is a hard price to turn down for such an established striker, but it’s not the priority investment needed. Rather than spend €60m on a striker, Chelsea should be improving a defence that needs improved ASAP. The numbers don’t lie: they’ve only kept clean sheets in 20.7% of their league games, conceding the most goals in the top seven.

Many will argue that Werner can also play on the left wing, yet he’s only started 12.5% of games there. He has 0.6 goals per game there – an impressive figure, but quite a distance short of the 0.81 goals per game scored when he’s leading the line. Why would you sign one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga to shove him out wide?

What’s clear is that there are two sides to the coin of Timo Werner, both offering valid arguments as to why he should/shouldn’t join Chelsea. He’s a talented, clinical, proven striker whose goals would be welcomed, but also threatens to tarnish the youth revolution, causes a lineup dilemma for Lampard and doesn’t address the real need to sign defenders. Timo Wener Might Not Perform Well In Chelsea See Reasons Below

The debate on whether Chelsea is the club for Werner will burn on, but what is certain is that he is a brilliant footballer. He has huge potential and talent, and is one of the most chased strikers in Europe for very good reason. Wherever he goes, Werner will have a successful career.

Will that be at Stamford Bridge? We’ll find out soon.



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