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Revealed:Top 10 Most Talented And Educated


For those who enjoy the game, a football match can bring a series of beautiful moves and shots on the goal that many of us compare with pure acts of brilliance. Top 10 Most Talented And Educated Footballers

However, despite the virtuous moves and split-second decisions that come as the result of quick thinking, many people consider football players to be undereducated, overpaid athletes that don’t invest too much in their education.

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In order to break the stereotype, we are presenting you with a list of 10 famous football players that are both talented sportsmen and highly educated, at the same time.

1 Shaka Hislop

Hislop is a Trinidad and Tobago international who spent most of his career defending the net in English football league. Shaka is now working as an analyst at ESPN, where he shares his experienced gathered through more than 450 caps in the English top division. What’s curious about the experienced ex-goalkeeper is that he has a mechanical engineering degree. To make things even more interesting, Shaka Hislop also had an internship period at NASA.

2 Juan Mata

The Spanish international holds a degree in journalism, which he obtained in Madrid. However, the experienced Manchester United midfielder also looks to snatch two more degrees, parallel to playing professional football. In order to obtain sports science and marketing degrees, Mata had a struggle with time when the professional obligations stood in his way. Nowadays, all it takes is to type in “do my essay” in the Google search bar and get help from EduBirdie and other reliable online resources. Nevertheless, Juan Mata proves that mixing professional football and academic aspirations are not only possible but relatively easy to achieve if you put your mind to it.

3 Simon Mignolet

The Belgian goalkeeper is another example of a top-class professional athlete who also worked on obtaining a higher educational background. The talented keeper keeps a Political science degree which he obtained during his career in England, and also speaks five languages. According to an interview in Daily Mail, Simon Mignolet said that he wanted to earn a college degree in case his football career goes south. The only condition the player set for his college decision was to have enough time to dedicate to both football and academic activities. Top 10 Most Talented And Educated Footballers

4 Andres Iniesta

When Iniesta takes the ball entire Catalonia is on their feet, waiting for a miracle to happen. The famous Spanish midfielder stands as one of the most intelligent players in Europe, and there’s a reason for such a flattering attribute. Andres Iniesta, former UEFA Best player in Europe for 2012 and holder of multiple top football awards, is also an accomplished scholar. Barcia’s pride and joy holds Biology degree as well as a degree in sports science.

5 Glen Johnson

Another on the list of famous footballers who also have a notable educational background is England’s former right-back, Glen Johnson. The seasoned defender had a rich career, scoring 15 goals in 365 matches in English Premier League, but he also had a secret that he kept up until 2012. At the peak of his football career, Glen Johnson discovered that he attends college in pursuit of a degree in Mathematics. The player stated that he dedicated two hours of his time every day to studying for his exams.

6 Socrates

Brazil is famous for producing one in a lifetime football talents, and occasionally an entire generation of prodigies. When it comes to Socrates, the 80s era top midfielder was not just one of the most gifted players in his national team, but also one of the most intelligent and highly educated individuals. Socrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, as his full name goes, was also a medical doctor, which is not at all usual occurrence in the world of professional football, at least in the last 2 or 3 decades where players start earning amazing sums of money whilst being relatively young.

7 Frank Lampard

English national and Chelsea attacking midfielder needs little or no introduction at all. Known for his vigorous playing capabilities, powerful strikes, and accurate passing, Frank was praised even by the opposition supporters and was one of the most loved England national team players. However, not too many people will tell you that current Derby County manager also attended the prestigious Brentwood School where he excelled in Latin and scored 11GCSEs. His high IQ and eloquence earned him the nickname “Professor”, as many of his teammates used to call Mr. Lampard.

8 Steve Coppell

Manchester United was at grief when Steve Coppell had to say goodbye to his professional football career due to a knee injury. However, talented England’s midfielder stayed the part of the football industry and turned to a career as a manager. Coppell lead teams like Manchester City and Crystal Palace with some success, but other than top tier football engagement, Steve also holds a University of Liverpool economics degree.

9 Graeme Le Saux

Most of his professional career, Graeme Pierre Le Saux spent playing left back for London’s Premier League giant Chelsea FC. Although he was under a lot of pressure and mocked for being allegedly homosexual, Graeme still managed to keep his focus on the game, and his sexuality allegations came to a stop when he got married and later became a father of two. He is known to enjoy visiting museums and other cultural institutions. England’s defender also attended Kingston University, where he aspired to earn an Environmental Studies degree, but the football obligations forced Graeme to drop out of college and dedicate to football entirely. Top 10 Most Talented And Educated Footballers

10 Iain Dowie

Dowie is a former Northern Ireland international, his contribution for the national team includes 12 goals scored in 59 matches. At the pinnacle of his career, Iain led the charge for Southampton, Crystal Palace, and West Ham United, during which period he scored 45 goals in 190 appearances. Apart from scoring goals in England’s Premier League, Iain Dowie also scored a Master’s degree in engineering and also worked with British Aerospace. Truly a respectable academic background, something not many football players can brag with. Top 10 Most Talented And Educated Footballers


We hope this list showed you that, through the decades, there were and will be football players who are ready to invest their time in gaining a higher education. Football nowadays offers lucrative salaries and pretty much a secure future, still, it’s always a good idea working on a backup solution in case an injury or a streak of bad luck interrupts with the sports career.



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